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Sorry, but I think this is where I take my leave. Goodbye, everyone. If you want to contact me, my skype is xxtemp_genxx though I’m going out, so I won’t reply for a few hours.

Don’t diss the holiday, yo. Reading is hella rad and damned if I can wait for my birthday on the 21st when I get Les Miserables.

What do i do when i have over 20 OCs that don’t get used

Kyouya Ootori

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Dramatical Murder Episode 10:Noiz

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"Yes…Carry me please…" Rin was pretty out of it because normally he would never say anything like that. 

{{ (´ヮ`)— "Alright." Makoto swooped him up as if it was nothing, shutting the bathroom door behind him as he walked in.


If only it were that easy to calm Rin down like that.

I love the fact that killer whales know that sharks go into a coma state when upside down so they just flip them over for fun sometimes. then eat them.



    “Okay…” Rin took Makoto’s hands and got up out of bed. Boy most of his strength just wasn’t all there.

{{ (´ヮ`)— "Ah—do you need help, though? I wouldn’t mind! I don’t want you to get hurt." Makoto was just making sure because he was super nervous as he helped Rin into the bathroom.



   ”A bath would be nice…” he has been stuck in bed for about three days and probably stunk.


{{ (´ヮ`)— "Alright. I’ll help you…" Makoto set aside the tray and held out his hands for Rin.



Rin have Mako a little smile as he had the rest of the soup. "Yes thanks Mako" at least he hasn’t thrown up which was good. 

{{ (´ヮ`)— “Good. I’m glad. Do you need to take a shower or anything? I-I could help if you need to…”



    Rin looked over at the soup, it looked really good actually. Not that Makoto was a bad cook, it just over the few days nothing looked good enough to eat. "T-Thanks" he wasn’t even fazed by what Mako did and he moved closer and opened his mouth up.

{{ (´ヮ`)— He fed him without a word, soon getting used to it. A smile formed on Makoto’s face as he watched Rin eat. "Is it good?"



             ”I dunno. Think I’m the Doctor — but I can be Mr Smith if you like, depends who you’re looking for. Mind if I ask you a question? What d’you think of this?” the person that had claimed himself a medical man now lifted up a piece of paper, scribbled over with equations that made very little sense. 

            “D’you recognise it? It’s not mine.” And when it came to someone writing down equations to do with the functions of the time vortex, the writing not being his was one hell of a problem. 

{{ ✖— "I dunno it. I do tech and computer stuff." Noiz only had to glance over it to recognize that he had no idea what the hell it was. He paused, flopping back into a very expensive couch—the room was full of a setup of expensive furniture arranged into five seating areas—before picking up a slice of cake and taking a bite of it.

{{ [♚]— “How did you get here? First him—” Tamaki directed his finger to Noiz, then to the strange man. “Now you? This is an Academy, and you don’t look like a teenager nor a Japanese man.” Well, he had no room to talk, considering he was half French.

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my sister made me watch Anaconda and I think i need Jesus


There’s a reason I dont let people look in my sketchbook.

what happened???